11.05.2021 | News

The Universidad de Alcalá publishing house publishes a monograph on food quality and safety

The work presented deals with the control and improvement of the quality and safety of the food we consume, an object of concern for consumers and scientists. It has been edited by Dr. Maria Luisa Marina Alegre, Dr. Maria Castro Puyana and Dr. Merichel Plaza del Moral, researchers from the University of Alcalá and researchers from the AVANSECAL-II-CM Research Program, belonging to other universities (Universidad Complutense de Marid, UNED, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) and the Spanish National Research Council (Institute of Food Science and Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN) and Institute of General Organic Chemistry). The AVANSECAL-II-CM Program aims to develop integrated strategies for the improvement of the quality, safety and functionality of food as a means to move towards a healthier diet. This book gathers some of the results obtained by the researchers participating in this program that aim to respond to the demand for tools to control and improve food quality. It presents new scientific knowledge about the processes and compounds that compromise food safety, and proposes innovative strategies to improve the quality and safety of food intended for human consumption. quality and safety of foods aimed at reducing toxics generated during processing and the development of packaging that improves the properties of preserved foods and increases their shelf life. Since diet is no longer conceived only as a source of nutrients but as a means to positively affect the state of health by providing various benefits, this book presents different strategies for obtaining substances with beneficial properties for health and the preparation of multifunctional extracts that enhance these properties. Some of these bioactive compounds are obtained through the revaluation of by-products and wastes from the agri-food industry in order to enhance the sustainability of the food production chain by contributing to the reduction of waste and the negative impact that its disposal has on the environment.